S2E1: Brett’s Hero Henderson ate a Class V Peach on the Summer Solstice

January 13, 2017 admin

Hey Beer Aficionados,

Happy New Year and welcome to Season 2, Episode 1 of the Keep Calm and Beer On podcast! This episode, we review:

Brett Peach by Burdock Brewery, Toronto, ON, 6.3%alc.

Heroes Lager by South Paw Beverage Co., Toronto, ON, 5%alc.

Class V India Pale Ale by Whitewater Brewing Co., Ottawa, ON, 5.5%alc.

Summer Solstice Pale Ale by Calabogie Brewing Co., Calabogie, ON, 5%alc.

Henderson’s Best ESB by Henderson’s Brewing Co., Toronto, ON, 5%alc.

Keep Calm & Beer On!

Luv The Maadmen & Gord