Pepper blondes open 9 gates for grumpy goats (S3E18)

September 1, 2019 admin

In beer fairy tales, somebody’s gotta let grumpy goats out of their pens, and that’s why pepper blonds need to open gates with nine locks.  That’s the bedtime stories we read.  In this episode we sample the following beers:

Pepper Blonde by Swan’s Brewing, Victoria, BC, 3.8%alc.

1772 IPA by PEI Brewing, Gahan, PEI, 6.5%alc.

9 Locks IPA by 9 Locks Brewing Co., Halifax, NS, 6.9%alc.

IPA by Propeller Brewing Co., Halifax, NS, 6.5%alc.

Grumpy Goat IPA by Shakespeare Brewing Co., Shakespeare, ON, 6%alc.


Now all that’s required is a Rumplestiltskin-like villain.

Keep Calm & Beer On,





Luv, The Maadmen & Gord