Mr Canoe head finished a cloudy hustle (S4E2)

February 2, 2020 admin

Mr Canoe always was a hustler with his head in the clouds said mother goose never.  But we did when it came to beer review, but you be the judge. This episode we taste:

The Starter Session IPA by 4 Fathers Brewing Co., Cambridge, ON, 4.8%alc.

Life in the clouds DDHIPA by Collective Arts Brewing Co., Hamilton, ON, 6.1%alc.

Mr. Canoe Head Red Ale by Sleeping Giant Brewing Co., Thunder Bay, ON, 5.1%alc.

Hustle Over Hype Pale Wheat Ale by All or Nothing Brewhouse, Oshawa, ON, 5.1%alc.

Keep Calm & Beer On!


Luv The Maadmen & Gord