Wine Snob

A glass of shiraz
with a sheep’s milk cheese
Espresso, Chocolate nose
Brings me to my knees
While a Pinot Noir
From Burgundy France
Is like sex in a glass
If you have the chance


Oo-la-la Mon Cherrie
C’est la Merde Aujourd’hui
I’m a wine snob
People say I’m so bourgeoisie
If its red or its white
Or maybe rose
Bad wine like bad sex
Don’t exist for me


Cabernet Sauvignon
With my steak au poivre
Simply makes life worth living
Why I woke up today
But the berry, plum and currant
Of my Merlot, c’est bon!
As tonight I’ll be dining on
Bacon wrapped prawns


Though some say billionaire’s
Drink vinegar oui
I’ll always pay the price
For a Chateau Lafite
But to truly understand
Why the women are swayed
Serve Dom Perignon
If you want to get laid