What Will They Think?!

Hilter, Stalin, Putin, Bush

some yet named fucker…..flush

Waste that last a thousand years

Sowing doubts and reaping fears

The media was state controlled

Corporate greed inspired


Oh-wow, oh-wow, I can hear them weeping

Oh-wow, oh-wow, I can hear them cry(in)

Oh-wow, oh-wow, will you just awaken

Oh-wow, oh-wow, or will you still deny

Everyone will question why

The people lived with closed eyes

Lots of food but not for you

Starving children threatening news

Buying shit that you don’t need

While earth lies bleeding, dying


War is good for GDP

We create our enemies

Don’t be confused, life’s in peril

Go out and buy some Prada, Gucci, Chanel

Keep your gun but lose your rights

Don’t know what it means tonight

Gimme gimme always gets

Profit motive you bet

Drink the Koolaid and you’ll die

Switch off the tube and the lies

Armegeddon came along

Jesus freaks don’t sing this song

The final verse its yet unwritten

chapters closing will you listen

The Stones cry out The rivers wail

Listen to the nine inch nails