The Greatest

Gonna be the greatest, greatest day

That you ever did see

In the USA

Gonna win so much

Just to hear my shtick

While you wait in line

To duck my sick

Mr. Bannon used to be

A part of my flock

But I said “You’re Fired”

Cuz he cucks socks


They call me goldilocks

Cuz I’m great, and you are not

I’m the greatest man alive

Come give me a big high five


Its gonna be huge

Its gonna be wild

When I drop a tweet bomb

Like it’s outta style

Mexico’s gonna pay for my wall

While American taxpayers

Take the fall

American pie

Is all for the rich

And a former first lady

Is Billy’s witch


Everybody needs a job

Gig economy for the mob

Make America great again

No losers, just win-win


I got the Mom

Of the biggest bomb

And I’ll drop it on you

Unless you like this song

I’m done playin Mr. Nice

My T. Rex’s oil

Is now full price


And North Korea

Both get off

On my twitter-rhea


My side-kick pious pence

Ain’t sharp cuz he’s too dense

If I die before I wake

A handmaid’s tale he’ll make


The next election

Is a piece of cake

I’ll just lie and deny

In sleepy Joe’s wake

Mr. Sanders

Ain’t gonna place

Cuz the green new deal

Lives in outer space

Who’s the chick

By the name of Warren

Her last name sounds

Like she’s a moron