Tears of Gas

We cry tears of gas

When authorities kick ass

We’re beaten blue and black

For wanting to fight back

We wave a peaceful flag

But we’re made to wear a gag

Billionaires wear silk

While most of us wear rags



A paycheck today

Will keep the banks at bay

We occupy Wall Street

rubber bullets rule the day

inner cities broken

while corporations play

security protects them

from hearing what we say


The elephant in the room

Spells out workers doom

Third world black ops

Slip by UN cops

Hang cronies of the Fed

Before we’re all dead

But that’s wishful thinking

While our boat keeps sinking


It’s the march of the clowns

In Republican ball gowns

Feathering their nests

The wealthy at their best

With self righteous zeal

They deny all appeals

And we’ll lose our jobs

Form angry lynch mobs