Sphincter Retriever

I’m your sphincter retriever

Your pussy’s my beaver

But sometimes when its not so tight

I need something gonna feel alright



The back door might be taboo

But secretly, you want some too

I’ll be gentle, I’ll go real slow

Its ok girl, you’ll enjoy the show


Back ends not just for porn stars

You’re my honey, my sports car

Maybe no now, but eventually yes

You got game baby, I know the address


I’m patient and I’ll do what you want

But come on girl, be my debutante

I’ll blow kisses and stay awake to chat

But you’re the catcher, now its my turn to bat




I ain’t the only man who has this desire

You’re my sugar, come on light my fire

It ain’t wrong doin, what feels so right

Lets play Lego, and fit real tight


Reason why some couples, can’t crack a smile

They just won’t go, the extra mile

Havin a little fun, ain’t too bad

Come on baby, why you so mad