Sorry Rudolph

Sorry Rudolph but your time has come

There’s no more good meat and we really need some

turkey’s now reside in parliament hill

Sad to say but we’ve got bellies to fill


Navigation’s changed we don’t need your nose

Brand new GPS is what Santa chose

The magic grain you eat is now GMO

And UPS is now the way that he goes



Reindeer stroganoff, rump roast so soft

Tasty goulash, Venison bangers and mash


Sorry Rudolph but our feast is your fate

We won’t say never, it’s not better than late

Factory farming didn’t give us our wish

That’s the reason why you’ll be on our dish


You’re the last thing that we wanted to kill

This won’t hurt a bit if you’ll just stay still

Elves just told us where your likely to be

Speak your last request, we’re counting to three