Sausage Order

You need some flesh

And you need it now

The craving hits you

And you want to shout

A ream of choices

too big to count

But you still feel a drought

The hunger grips you

Like a python snake

Your mom’d tell you

Not to be a rake

The time is right

So hold that thought

Need feels like a shot



I’m the man with a feminine touch

Not too little but not too much

Sensitive, charming right too the end

But I’ve got a boyfriend


He’ll take you dancing

And say how he feels

He’s buff and jacked

With sex appeal

He’s never pushy

Or raises his voice

And you know he’s pro choice


from morning to night

your never wrong

but that’s all right

check in frequently

to see your ok

no 50 shades of grey


Chorus 2:

Missionary impossible mate

You ride on top and I’ll just wait

You just tell me when you’ve had enough

My best friend likes it rough


Be careful

what you wish for its said

keep your politics

out of your bed

trash your phone

and pick up a drink

nudge nudge, wink wink

stop trying

so hard to fit in

you have to loose

in order to win

George Micheal

Might have been a swell guy

But he ain’t your type of fly


Chorus 3:

Brokeback mountain is my favorite show

Post coital intimacy gives me a glow

You're my bestie, and will be to the end

But you’re not gonna be my boyfriend

I’ll go with you for long walks in the park

Your safe with me even after dark

I’ll give you comfort and a shoulder to cry

But I’m just not your type of guy