Santa Super Knave

There’s a fat diabetic dude flyin round

With a ho ho ho as his only sound

So guard all your cookies and your Christmas treats

Cuz he really has to change all the things he eats



Santa Super Knave

All the carbs you crave

Are speeding up the chances

Of an early grave


The Coca-Cola sponsorship’s not working out

Cuz your drinkin milk instead like a good boy scout

The elves are givin you a bit of grief

Cuz you’re bustin up their unions like an evil chief



Gotta get some therapy to stop your candy cravin

Since Mrs. Claus is naggin that your always misbehaving

Retinopathy is now takin hold

And you can’t feel your feet in the freezing cold



The doctor gave you warnings that this day might come

But you didn’t listen kept on eatin sugar plums

Denial an example of the ego self

And the evil Mr. Christie is the keebler elf