Rudolph the Red Nosed A**hole

Rudolph the red nosed asshole

Had a few too many brews

Then he began to say things

Nasty alcohol abuse

Everyone at the party

Used to think that he was nice

They never knew his dark side

Passed the drinks and rolled the dice



Hey baby, come on tell me your name

Stop bein so coy

Playin fuckin mind games

Come back to my place

For a Santa-like screw

you’re gaggin for it baby

I can see it in you



Alcoholic tremors came

What was he to do

Maybe a little hair on the dog

One shot, maybe two


Holiday fuzzy navels

Egg nog and B52s

Rudolph has lost the plotski

he just went to have a spew

Monday the office silence

Made the stapler sound so loud

We ostracized poor Rudolph

He should find another crowd