As it stands

The greed of the few

Has made itself known

As the corporate screw

Private prisons

Private schools

Succeeding in

Turning us into fools


Wall street, Bay Street

Look at those knobs

They’ve privatized Main street

Out of our jobs

The middle is shrinking

While the bottom end grows

As the top few take

What’s under our nose


Board rooms meet

many miles away

makin more money

in the morally grey

an attitude

is all they got

protecting them

like a corporate slut

Reregulate and

Take what’s ours

Re-break the laws

And the ivory towers

Publicize banks

And ban CEOs

Give corporations

No repose

Free trade never

Fed a person in need

Bombs never freed

anyone from greed

One percent

Shouldn’t take 99

Leaving us 1

Less a dollar sign