Pe-trol-e-um pumping sprees

Can’t you see

It pollutes me

Fish swimming in the deep blue sea

Won’t swim to me

Why could that be


Chorus: x2

I’m a plasticman


Green-wash scam/ PET bottle fan

Don’t give a damn


My livelihood just makes a mess


Its not I guess

I’ll profit from the misery

Of drowning fish

And poisoned seas


Rap: Dow Chemical, fucks up the planet, are you kiddin me, lawyer named Janet, don’t be lobbyin, or givin me bullshit, I’ve heard it all before, from a political misfit.

Corporations are an evil anomaly, fuck you apologist, I ain’t down with your homily, you wanna impress me, stop being phony, I’m part of the public, not one of your damn cronies.


I’ll lobby to erase mistakes

And give myself

A big fat break

I’ll show you what the law can do

My councilor

Will show you too