Phuk You

You’re the terrible threat

That I’m s’posed to fear

And the overbearing boss

Stepping on my career

You’re the car company

With 10 ads per hour

Selling brand new lemons

With way more power


Phuk you


You’re the HR snob

Hiring on a whim

Or the double speaking priest

Talkin about sin

You’re the Fox news liars

Tellin me the truth

Or the MPPs

2 steps removed


CEOs of Walmart

Paying minimum wage

Sending jobs to China

Only fuels my rage

When the tail wags the dog

Of the party in heat

And the pesticide coats

All the food I eat


You’re the ex-wife

Grabbing everything I got

Tellin pseudo truths

Of everything that’s not

Manipulated markets

Volatility scare

Makes systemic meltdowns

Not so rare