I’m a caveman

And I like meat

Beef shish-kebob

Is my favorite treat…Yeah


Those PETA people

They don’t like me

But they didn’t study



Take a look at your teeth

And what do you see

A big tofu steak

Ain’t good for me…Yeah


Man can’t live on

Rice and beans alone

Not when he can stew

A juicy marrow-bone…Yeah



Out in the woods

A herbivores’ a treat

To other carnivores

They smell like meat…Yeah

Yo PETA people

Hate to burst your bubble

But grain based diets

Ain’t nothing but trouble…Yeah



Just give me the creeps

They think Monsanto

Makes good wheat…Yeah


Sick and neurotic

And they got no life

vegan movie stars

ain’t hot like my wife…Yeah


People eatin tasty animals

Have fun

Whole grain eaters don’t

If you’ll pardon the pun…Yeah


Ancel Keys wasn’t

part of our tribe

eatin margarine

won’t make you thrive…Yeah





Politically correct


go sit on the point

Of your pyramids…Yeah


The medical industry

Loves diabetes

That’s why they laugh

When you eat your Wheaties…Yeah


During my time

We didn’t have Doctor’s

No multinational

Gamble and Proctors…Yeah


Pesticide, GMO

Suicide seed

Sounds like an evil

Twisted creed…Yeah