Papparazzi Nazi

Privacy invader, snapping up a world

Without an invitation, cannon shot crusader

Sowing seeds of damage, giving birth to garbage

Voyeuristic teaser, photoshop a tidbit

Promising a big bit, ass kissing pleaser

Pointing telephotos, showing us your pathos



Society has made you what you are

But celebrity makes you go too far


Papparazzi Nazi, journalist delusion

Entertainment fusion, public as a patsy

Can’t distinguish lying, from the shit your trying

Bill O’Reilly loves ya, thinks that he’s above it

Hasn’t even got wit, our attention wanders

Congress is a shambles, playing Wall Street gambles


Bridge:   Truth, lies, doubt, blank stares in our eyes x2



Lying is your habit, truth has been misplaced

While decency erased now, gossip is your weakness

Plausibility, will bring us to our knees and

Media got sleezy, Rupert Murdock lies

While looking in our eyes, YEAH, farce is in the picture

makin up the story, cuz your cravin glory


Papparazzi Nazi, entertainers lie

No matter what you try and, conspiracy is rampant

Masquerading as truth, even though its uncouth

Left and right are scheming, both are still elitist

masses are defeatist, you’re the greatest yes-men

blowing photo kisses, handing out the disses