One World

Freedom Wanted English
Enslavement Unwanted
Mu-droist (wisdom) hoyt-siel (wanted) Russian
Ka-rrrupt-siya (corruption) ne-ju-lait-sin-yi (unwanted)


What we need, is what we want
Yet our leaders act nonchalant


Paz (peace) Ker-air (want) Spanish
Gerrra (war) no-des-ye-lo (unwanted)
Kou Hei (equality) Hoshii (want) Japanese
Fu Kou Hei (inequality) Iranai (unwanted)


Empty promises, give us hope
While you’re hanging us with your rope


Solo/ bridge: One (repeated in different languages) we-e-he-de(Arabic), en(Swedish), yon sel(Haitian/creole), yeden(Polish), Yek(Farsi), biri(Turkish), odin(Ukrainian)


Respekt (respect) oon-ske (want) Danish
Hoo-un (scorn) oo-un-sker (unwanted)
Amour (love) vou-loir (want) French
e-n (hate) in-de-si-ra-ble (unwanted)


Life is hard enough, you see
Without sanctioning killing sprees


Chengshi (honesty) Yao (wanted) Chinese
Jia Hua (lies) Bu Yao (unwanted)
Zu-reish-noongs-feej-keit (sanity) Vunchen (want) German
Van-zin (madness) un-er-vunsht (unwanted)


Give us salve to heal the wounds
Stop sending us to our doom


Wang (hope) Thun gaan (want) Thai
Sing wang (despair) Ti Mi Pung Pesong (unwanted)
Eivur (wealth) vil-ya (want) Icelandic
Fo-dai-t-t (poverty) o-eye-sti-leckx (unwanted)


One world is all we got
Stop selling us what it’s not


One (repeated): ye-dan(Serbian), en(Dutch), Ek(Hindi), uno(Italian), enas(Greek), oom(Portugese), ook-say(Finnish), O(Romanian), Eka(Gujarati), egy(Hungarian), one(English)