Nobody's Home

We used to write letters

But nobody’s home

The shopping mall Santas

Are attack of the clones

We used to sing Carrols

And dress up like gnomes

But alas, nobody’s home


We used to shop hard

Like it went out of style

Charge it on the card

With a vacuous smile

Covet our balance

Of precious Airmiles

Feel guilt once in a while



Think about the cost, think about the price

The hard working elves can’t afford to buy rice

Spare a quick thought, for those who have not

And gratitude for all that you got


We used to say “good will toward all men”

But only to some, now and then

We’d thank God for peace

Then say “Amen”

And do it all over again


A child’s life here

Costs a million & change

But over in Africa, a dollar a day

Inflation can’t account

For the current exchange

Future folks would think us deranged