Midnight in the Garden

Its midnight in the garden,

and Eve’s got a gun

There’s a darkness in the Hearth of man

Soon no place to run

The choppers fly overhead

while the sirens scream

The security state tightens its grip

You try to wake from the dream

A mother abandons her child on the stair

Broke debased a disgrace

While those who guarded this will turn their back

And with cunning hand lay you to waste



A flower rises up through a crack in the road

A child reaches out to touch

the mysteries of light and sound 

The luminous cuts through

And then it’s gone

The poet pens another song


Its midnight in the garden and

something’s gnawing at you bones

A wall street junkie does another line

and sells another junk loan

A heart blooms like a rose and

darkness bleeds it shut

We swing the axe on the tree of life

to make another cut

The sheeple follow one by one

to the slaughter house they go

While some Evangelical writes

the Ten Commandments

on the blood that flows


It’s midnight in the garden

Dylan smokes a cigarette

He waits for the changes of time

he doesn’t worry nor does he fret

We sip latte’s as the bombs burst in air

The daily propaganda is sold as news

Culture the facts on a facebook page

Subterfuge from the red, white and blues

The prophets of doom sell fear

we go buy another gun

A mercenary soldier loads his rifle

and shoots civilians for fun


It’s midnight in the garden

and it’s time to decide

Who gets to live and who gets to die

And when you’re all alone

you kneel down to pray

With no clear light to guide your way

So you embrace your lover one last time

You kiss the sweet sweat and there’s no crime

She comes into you, and you come into her

Annointed again with frankincense and myrrh

You see what you want to see

You read what you want to read

You believe what you want to believe

But what you can’t deny

is we live and die by our creed

It’s midnight in the garden

lets break bread and drink wine

For everything there’s a season

and now it’s time to shine

If you think this is about the left versus the right

You haven’t begun to see the light

This isn’t a time for doubt and fear

This is a time for love and courage to hold dear

There isn’t a beginning without and end

There isn’t an end without an and