Mid-life Crisis Blues

Tried drowning my sorrows

But found out they could swim

My boss is a tyrant

Promotion I’ll never win


The taxman just told me

There’s no tax deductible gin

Forgot my wife’s birthday

And that ain’t my only sin



I got……….the mid life crisis blues

You all know how I’m feelin

Some day you’ll walk in my shoes

You don’t have to be young and dumb

And full of monkey spunk

To be feeling my pain

Every damn time it rains

Ooooo……The mid life crisis blues

Got drunk yesterday

And couldn’t find my place

Played Texas hold’em

But couldn’t pull that ace


They say winning is easy

But loosing takes grace

Tell that to a woman

When she looses face





So the next time your life

Is feelin mighty fine

Remember this story

And all of these signs


Good’s a martini

But bad’s a bar line

A winner’s a hero

But a loser’s doin time