Love Intruder

You know I love you baby                                                      

Your the sane-ness

In a world that feels crazy


You’re my second half

Always ready to share in my laughs



But there’s a part that makes me feel unclean

A tiny itch to scratch, a hidden gene

Make love to you, is what I do

But fuck her hard, I know it sounds obscene



I fuck her in the ass, I make her scream

Head board thumpin girl, my sleazy queen

The sexy pounding, like a sex machine

When I leave the room I feel unclean


We make beautiful music together

Our love is light, and lasting forever

But when the monthly bill comes due at last

Absent myself , and mow some new grass



We’ll be happy as we grow old in life

So glad that you’re my good wife

I’ve got a feeling your not all that clean

Something on your side, and its not me



There’s a secret that you’ll never tell

You have your secret fun and tryst as well

Make love to me, all safe and sound

But blow his mind, and make him scream and yell



You’ll ride him hard, put him away wet

He’ll scream for mercy, that’s not what he’ll get

Your earth will move, like nothing in the room

Your scream will perpetrate a sonic boom