Loaf Preacher

The CEOs black heart’s desires

While politicians fuel the fire

And the public screams, as you murder the truth

Yet the trophy wives all stand aloof

With your golden parachute so fine

And your Rolex watch

With it’s stellar shine

While the pee-ons toil to make ends meet

So they’ll stay employed and off the street



Loaf Preacher, give us bread

Raise Jesus, from the dead   (2x)


Will the politicians make you safe

As you vote them in as a failsafe

They’ll spy on you with your every click

As you climb in bed with ‘ole Saint Nick

The revolving door with industry

Is the reason you are on your knees

You abdicate with a quiet shrug

As your facebook friends look on so smug



Loaf Preacher, give us peace

Protect us, from police     (2x)


Will social media compare

To your efforts to get self aware

Do the “like” buttons now turn to “hate”

As you realize you’ve got no mates

Does the isolation’s new frontier

Make suicide seem oh so near

Cosmetic lifestyle isn’t real

Saps ability to feel



Loaf Preacher, empathize

Save us from, this franchise