Je Me Souviens

Je me souviens
I remember the economy sucked
Je me souviens
I remember Luciene Bouchard’s luck
Je me souviens
Separatism’s just a fictional toy
Sovereignty Association
Won’t bring us joy


Language evolves
It’s not an unchanging thing
Just like your underwear
When it starts to stink
Bill 101
Doesn’t do what you think
Wrap you head around the fact
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink


If you go your way
You won’t get Quebec
Just a tiny sliver
So you might wanna check
Medicare, postage stamps,
New money too
You’ll need real deep pockets
Yes it looks like your screwed


First Nations first
So don’t draw borders yet
They will have their say Monsieur
We’ll make you a bet
Then the US
J’ne parle pas Francais
Hablar Espaniol Jefe
Commo Este?