I Song

Ever heard of an apple with an I?

Or a mouse with a wire

Doing cartwheels in the sky

Am I a me or a digital pad

A pretentious replacement

Of the books I once had

My mobile brain helps me

remember my name

And a million other things

That only drive me insane



I’m a pod, I’m a pad, I’m a phone, I’m an app         2x

Come on touch me, touch me, touch me

Welcome to my nihilistic self-serving universe


To buy this, you need that

To give a shit you need to crap

Pay the money then become an iBrat

iPhoto shop your digital life

Facebookin every minute

With a surgical knife

iMovie Youtube

dry fuck without a lube

will it all go viral

you’re a clever rube


Wanna fit with the crowd

You gotta text and think aloud

Tweet your shit and make ‘ole Stevie proud

Take a bite from a corporate fruit

It’ll dominate your brain

On your daily commute


Four letters that you need

Twinkie in your pocket

And a dose of speed…(Ritalin)