Hypothetical Ex

If I’d gotten with you

I’d have separation papers

To explain, why we’re through

The psycho things

That you used to say

Just defied all logic

In a weird kinda way

When we look at

What might have been

I think about a train wreck

With a lopsided grin

The retrospective

Is a telling account

Of why we see 20-20

At a rearward discount    



Hypothetical Ex

Allegorical hex

Un-cashable cheques

Long gone T-Rex

Impossible news

Incontrovertible views

To walk in your shoes

Is to learn how to loose


I think you’ll agree

when you were with me

bad things seemed to happen in threes

what I said wasn’t right

what you did made us fight

when we turned on the light

we saw a lack of foresight

My friends weren’t yours

Your pals kept score

I kept wantin more

Of what wasn’t in the store


When you went away

It was a damn good day

Murder-suicide if I had stayed

Analyze the pieces

Opposites attract

Don’t understand the reasons

But a-likes attack

How can love be so strong

When lust makes things so wrong

You get your hooks in me

And I wanna be free

Your lust is a drug

Like a dime-store thug

One kiss is too much

10 thousand’s a crutch