Kneel, Kneel, Kneel before Zod

I’m the apple of your nightmares

As a digital god

Hide, hide, hide in plain sight

Money masking selfies

All from morning to night

Give, give, how much more have you got

It’s never quite enough because its

All that you’re not

Games, games playing your part

We need another clever rube

Before we can start

Fools, fools, believe in the news

The propaganda sluts are all

Expressing their views

Truth, truth believe it or not

Non-disclosure disagreement

Of a g-spot

Sides, sides, the left or the right

Both are vile and ugly

At the end of the night

Rich, poor the gap will increase

Tracey Chapman’s anger

Will require release

Us, them, the blame is employed

Baphomet necessity

Is all schadenfreude

Boy, girl, or what’s in between

Regardless of the flavor

All the people are mean

Kneel, stand, take up a pose

History will judge you soon

As god only knows