HR for Human Refuse

Can’t find a job?

Join the mob

Of under-employable

HR snobs

Vetting qualifications

Without knowledge

Even though

They went to college



I have a dream

That my fellow colleagues and I

Will be hired based

On our genuine abilities

Not based on some HR type’s

Opinion of us to the contrary


Like mindedness

Truly makes a mess


With no redress

Bosses never see

Resumes they received

then possibility

has excuse not to be


I have a dream

That my qualities

Will be judged

based on substance

not on HR personnel

insecurities and self esteems


Not everyone

Needs to feel special

Or well liked

Like pity applause open mike

Apologist excuses

Cover up much abuses

Overvalued uses

Of HR sluts


I have a dream

that the HR departments

around the world

will be abolished

in favor of enlightened management

that hires according to ability