I’m a hipster baby

With my man bun and views

Vegan meat is the only kind of

Cruelty I choose

I’m a vulgar sore

Of emasculated manhood for you


I got no pride

I don’t howl at the moon

Write shitty poetry

In hopes that you’ll swoon

Tell me your troubles

And we can be friends

Cry on my shoulder

Right to the end


I’m a hipster baby

Inclusivity rules

My beard is wavy &

Lumberjack shirts what I choose

I’m a vulgar sore

And I’ll take hipster beatings for you

I’m a hipster baby

In touch with my feminine side

I won’t seduce you or

Keep you hangin out for a ride

I’m a vulgar sore

And I can’t count the times that I’ve cried


I got no problems

But issues abound

I never shout cuz

You don’t like that sound

I like superhero

Chick-flicks as well


Have all gone to hell