Head Driver

Early out on the road

Nice and quiet

I’m pullin this load

Got no apartment

I’m haulin my bed

While workin stiffs

They’re all better off dead

Got no woman

at the end of the highway

no white picket fence

no mountain chalet

I’m a driver, I live in my head

Head driver, head driver


R: Head driver, high fiver

Head driver, survivor


Loneliness is my friend

Ain’t got no mail I can receive or send

Don’t got a place I call home

My CB doubles as my iPhone

Truck stop, I break for my rest

Greasy spoon diners

I know all the best

Some don’t like it, a life on the lamb

But I don’t gotta put up with “The Man”



Flat stretch is my friend

Good weather’s a god-send

But young punks in sports cars

Could be my road kill

If they go too far

ladies don’t understand

When this road’s taken by a man

The solitude, the peace and quiet

The less than ideally

Balanced diet