Goodbye Kitty

There’s some things that I tolerate
For argument’s sake
Like the CEO for Walmart
Selling Chinese-made cake

But there’s a testament to cuteness
That really must die
It’s a white mouthless kitty cat
That I’m gonna fry


Goodbye kitty better say your prayers fast
Yes, I’m going pussy hunting cuz
Your time has long past

Some folks think your cute
With an oft said kawaii
But without a mouth to speak your last
You’ll silently die

Your sister Mimmy wants you gone
Yo Mama does too
Papa George just eggs me on
it looks like you’re screwed


Your mouthless brand of cute
Reflects my ethical rage
The Sanrio evil empire
Gets put back in the cage

No need to cry for mercy
Who the hell’s gonna care
Just young and naive ko-gyarus
With vacuous stares