Frosty the Snocone

Frosty the sno-cone

Never got very far

He wanted fame and fortune

Just like a star


To be a snowman

Was his lifetime dream

but he got eaten up

like chocolate ice cream



frosty the sno-cone…we feel your pain

your life was way too short…you died in vain


Alas, summer’s your season

You’re a slave to heat

Blue raspberry fiction

A kiddie’s taste treat


You last 5 minutes long

Couple of bites, then your just gone

Blue tongues, all you leave behind

crazy kids and parents resigned





Crazy grape, orange ape, banana slamma, kiwi jammer, luscious limer, lemon whiner, apple pie face, peach solace, honey heaven, savory seven, looney licorice, pa-pa-ya squish, Yumm!