Freudian Slip

Tickle your ass with a feather
Ach! Du Kleiner!!! (You little!!! in German)
Isn’t it real nice weather

Damn your ass looks fine
Enta Shaamoot!(Arabic you man-whore!)
Mame “Do you have the time?”

You sure look like a tool
Bec mon cue! (French kiss my ass!)
That hat makes you look cool

Hey just send me some sex
I said, just send me a text

We need to encourage the “breast” and brightest
It’s really nice to “beat” you
We’ve had some sex—or—setbacks
With the bulging “dick” in his spine

Wanna look at my dong?
Eh? Skebe (Japanese Pervert!)
Just tell me what’s wrong

Show me more of your tits
Que carajos? (Spanish WTF)
I think you’ve lost your wits

He doesn’t have the balls
Jen ta ma de? (Chinese WTF)
He’s always taking falls

Looks like you’re getting fat
Que Poessa? (Portugese WTF)
Looks like you won’t need that

I’ll help you get back on your “fat”—I mean feet
I’d like to “spank” all teachers
I’m “convicted” in my views
I’ve been laid up with intentional flu

What you didn’t think you really meant to say
Came out twisted like DNA
The sex on your brain, just needs release
Just like a war, in search of peace

Oh Jacque! Jacque!
Yebote Ono (Croatian WTF!)
I meant Oh Joe!

Please pass the pussy
Fo Fahn!? (Danish WTF)
Pass the potatoes

Those are nice cocks
I like your socks

My girlfriend tits
Shto-chor dvas ni! (Russian WTF)
My girlfriend knits