Francesco's Keys

Wrong people are having their say

Dictators always getting their way

Re-writing what we call crime

While having a real good time

Clock ticking in a countdown song

Who’s right and who is wrong

No sense in picking new guys

To repeat the same old lies


Time is nigh, Empire sighs


Big pharma’s got a pill to sell

While public health goes to hell

Chauvanism’s got an axe to grind

As Feminism looses its mind

Civil rights movement revved up again

Yet police are inflicting more pain

Millennials get all they desire

Gen X’ers fueling the fire


Grief or pride, choose a side

Rich or poor, force majeure


Left wing flying way off coarse

Right wing feels no remorse

NRA wants to sell more guns

Walmart’s ammo 2 for 1


Half of Baltimore’s in the can

Other half works for “the Man”

Sex Ed still a dirty word

STDs get transferred


Live or die, laugh or cry