Flat Belly Blues

That six pack stomach

Gone and got you down

Fear not young Jedi

Turn that frown around


The secret to the flab

Is easy to learn

Just down 2 pints a day

for all your concern



You got the……Flat belly blues

Wanna get some love handles

Deep six those running shoes


Cuz when your riding

You need something to grab

The sound of something flapping

Something you gotta have


So grab that bag of Cheetohs

And suck back 6 cokes

Watch the waist grow

Like a Jenny-Craig joke



Gonna have me a Big Mac attack, cuz I know when it’s real, like a bacon double cheeseburger Wendy’s heart attack, I’m thinkin outside the bun, ten tacos and a big gulp, party pack, lots of fun, I love my lay-z-boy with reclin’in fun, (gonna make the ladies lick their lips, lookin at my big man-gut)x2.


You feel tired of

the Miss America beauty

and so does everyone else

we all want big booty


Kirsty Alley had it right

And body image go to hell

Something pretty bout a train wreak

And double helpings as well