Filthy Amp

This filthy amp
That I got from the store
Is crunchy and dirty
But I wanna hear some more
This filthy amp’s
Got a nick and a scratch
But sounds so deep and juicy
Its my ideal catch


New, shiny gear
May be nice and clean
But lacks a certain ‘je ne c’est qua’
If you know what I mean


This filthy amp’s
Got no twin that I can see
And it sounds just like it does
And only for me
And this filthy amp
Is classy in its grunge
And its never let me down
Its tubes, are glassy sponge


This filthy amp would make
Jack White cream his jeans
And Neil Young
Feel envious and mean
And this filthy amp
Never seems to get too old
The rust and dirt just
Make it much more bold


This filthy amp is never
Gonna leave my sight
Its never gonna be too late
For me to play at night
And this filthy amp
Can play almost any tune
And makes the girls
That listen to it swoon