Failure to Launch

We’re here today my friend

To see you get your due

Entitled little shit

Who wants it all brand new

Charge mummy’s credit card

To fund your shallow soul

And “Ok Boomer” us

On your game console

Just tell your rotten self

That you’ve so very fine

Yes instagram’s so tough

To make a dull rock shine

We’re all so waiting now

With jaundiced baited breath

And won’dring yes indeed

When we’ll be put to death


It’s not your fault

But society’s at best

You're a symptom

That couldn’t find a test

The mediocrity

Will always find your name

Cuz less is more

It’s all the same


You cannot understand

The critics in your midst

Cuz all you’ve done my friend

Is greatness you insist

The beer pong table calls

As mother seems alone

And you can’t hide your faults

Behind your latest phone

To save the dying world

Is all you want to try

It’s nice in Nice this year

As long as you can fly


A lovely ball room wank


Won’t take you to the bank


Your mascot Katelin

Is a stroppy little lass

facebook likes abundant

And botox in her ass

Money’s not important

What you tell your motley crew

Yet all your stuff accumulates

until it’s bought anew

Hippie, poser, hipster

Yes the meaning’s all the same

Poverty you falsify

A parent’s trust fund game

Jobs are hard to come by

As they aren’t so close to home

No one can expect you son

To move out on your own