Down by the River


Gonna live in a Bus down by the river

Sweet sounds ‘n good times deliver

No matter how far I roam

Its the place I call my own 

I’m gonna buy me a bus down by the River

Haven’t always lived like the good book says

Women wine a few good times

not too many prayers

Felt lost so much of the time

lost inside my pain

Didn’t how to take in love

the life that kept me sane


I few things I’ve learned

through sorrow and through pain

Love your friends, make amends

shower out in the rain

Hearts are broken, harsh words spoken

but this ain’t the end

Hold close with openness

the twist and turns and bends


Sweet sting of a broken heart

once turned me away

I’ve been burned, I been turned

I’ve learned to love’s wild way

In a hurry, always worry stop to watch the rain

Unlearn what you’ve been taught

let your heart have its pain

Redemption if they say it’s true

It’s in the hearts of me and you

So you reach out your hand

To your sister and fellow man

And we’ll all get high

We’ll all get by

We’ll all get high

We’ll all get by down by the river