Dirty Little Chicklet

What’s with the back tat        

Belly button ring                                                           

Something on the QT                                             

What’s with tongue piercing

Straight haired bleach blonde

With the Pump-Jims on

If that skirt was any shorter,

You’d need lip stick on



Chicklet, She’s a dirty little chicklet

Oh Yeah


Texting all the girlfriends

Heading to the bar

Crank the Katie Perry up

And have another Rock-Star

Target acquisition

Full on mode

Gonna get some man love

According to the girl code



Bat the fake eye lashes

Adjust the pushup bra

Check the purse for condoms

Practicing the “blah, blah, blah”

Boys are lining up now

Target is acquired

Who will be the winner

And who will get fired


Something going on here

Something seems wrong

People here seem a little too smart

They’re not looking at my thong!

clean world seems a little complex

What’s a girl gotta do to have sex

Gotta retreat, think this through

Who’s a poor dirty chicklet to “do”