Commie Luv

Водка! (Vodka!)


Capitalist pigs

Have too much to say

They don’t cooperate

In the communist way


Its not about team playing

It's a little less clear

You don’t need land mines

When polonium’s near



I love oligarchs, in the Putin’esque regime

Where the truth is arbitrary, like Karl Marx’s dream

I wish I had a dacha, and a souped-up Lada

And a girl with fake tits, and shoes from Prada


Russian winter, is hell without vodka

State sponsored news, is available in Pravda

Russian girls, are not so lenient

You won’t get blown, if it’s inconvenient



Что, черт возьми! (What the fuck!)


Khodorkovsky, screwed up a little bit

Disobeyed our leader, and now he’s in shit

Moscow’s warm, compared to Siberia

Why you need, more vodka in ya



до свидания! (goodbye!)


I love Pussy Riot….why are they in jail…I liked their music…much better than Putin’s efforts at music, have you heard that before? It is shit…



Нет, нет, нет, нет, нет