Who’s the Spetsnaz
That hates the pussy
Cock blocking sputnik
Putin it could be
Judo chop this!
Karate chop that!
Pussy obstruction
FSB brat


Ro/ssi/ya – svyash/che/nnaya na/sha der/zha/va Russia our holy realm
Ro/ssi/ya – lyu/bi/maya na/sha stra/na Russia our beloved country
Mogu/cha/ya vol/ya, ve/li/ka/ya sla/va – A mighty will, great glory
Tvo/yo dos/to/yan/ye nav/se vre/me/na! Yours given for all time!


Oh great leader
Your truly a tough guy
Beating up the pussy
In prison they might die
Judo chop this!
Karate chop that!
Pussy abuser
Free the cats!


Don’t strike the pussy
Stroke it gently
Getting laid is better
Than being unfriendly
Judo chopping this!
And Karate Chopping that!
Makes the pussy close
We don’t want that!