Beer Polygamist

Why drink the silver bullet

As I don’t have a mullet

I don’t need Molson muscle

As part of my hustle

I kiss the Pilsner

For the taste on my tongue

But the stout’s always waiting

Cuz she knows I’m well hung


My options for barley ass

Are filling my glass

I’m a 10 timin beer drinkin

Snake in the grass

If you were a woman

I’d be in jail lighting fast

I’m a beer polygamist

Hope my liver will last


Only the weak brews

Use sex to sell their suds

There’s too many styles out there

For me to just drink Bud

A Porter or Weissbeer

A Bock or an Ale

Or gimme a honey brown

To quaff without fail


I don’t waste my time

With beer that tastes light

That stuff’s for rednecks

Who just wanna fight

Don’t gimme martini’s

Or shots like B52s

Just pour me a Bitter

And hold the damn shampoo


I don’t fear commitment

When it comes to my married life

Monogamy’s fine

When I think about my wife

But my beer libido

Demands a different thrust

I can’t only drink Heineken

If I wanna slake my lust