Badass MF

Was born in a fire

Both hot and cold

I didn’t know my daddy

Ain’t never growin old

Ain’t got no family

Ain’t got no tree

Ain’t got nobody wanna befriend me

I came kickin and crawlin

From a womb of fire and mud

I got lead in my belly

I got rattlesnake’s blood



Bow wow wow

Whoa yeah

Mmm Mmm Mmm


Got gravel in my guts

Got a wandering eye

Got a heart full of hurt baby

Don’t you ask me why

You think you know me

But that ain’t true

Walk a mile in my shoes honey

And wonder why I sing the blues

You say my teeth ain’t straight

But neither is the road

I got a crocodile smile

I carry a heavy load


I watched Bonaparte

I saw the killing fields

I was trained by the whip baby

I know how it feels

I chartered slave ships honey

I felt the hatred of man

I rode the wild plains

With Genghis Khan

I ran with the bulls

And I sang me some songs

I danced with some ladies

And showed them my charms

But don’t say you know me

When you haven’t got a clue

And don’t say you love me

When you know it ain’t true