IPA night is out of sight (S4E7)

July 2, 2020 admin

IPA night is out of sight as we all got blind drunk! But before that happened, we tasted the following:

Ponche IPA by Cerveza Bocanegra Brewing, Oaxaca, Mex, 6.2%alc.

Double Drooling Dog IPA by Magnotta Brewing, Woodbridge, ON, 6.4%alc.

Boundless IPA by Creemore Springs Brewing, Creemore, ON, 5.1%alc.

IPA #11 by Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton, ON, 5.8%alc.

Life in the clouds DDHIPA by Collective Arts. 6.1%alc.

Trailer Park Boys Green Bastard IPA maybe by Wellington Brewery, Guelph, ON, 6.5%alc.

Jurassic IPA by Cameron’s Brewing, Oakville, ON, 6.8%alc.


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