Hey Margot, citrass down 4 a creamy new world IV (S3E17)

August 4, 2019 admin

Beer adventures in wonderland get stranger and stranger as Margot has replaced Alice in falling down the rabbit-hole of brewing bliss.  This episode we tasted:

Creamish Cream Ale by 4 Fathers Brewing Co., Cambridge, ON, 4.5%alc.

Citrass Down Jackass Brewery, Cambridge, ON, 7.6%alc.

IV 004 Series IPA by 4 Fathers, 6%alc.

New World Pilsner by 4 Fathers, 4.7%alc.

I Don’t Know Margot Heffe by 4 Fathers, 4.9%alc.


Keep Calm & Beer On,


The Maadmen & Gord